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The excitement of moving into your new home or starting to work in a new office is something to look forward to. At times though certain aspects can be a dampener to that feeling. When the builders complete all the construction work in your home and leave, they also leave behind a huge amount of dust and debris which needs to be cleaned out. A professional service like Builders Cleaning in Adelaide makes sure that they make your house spic and span, absolutely clean and safe so that you can enjoy your new home with your loved ones.

If however, you choose to do the builders clean yourself, here are some handy tips to follow to ease the process:

  • Cleaning the walls:If cleaning painted walls, use a simple microfiber cloth to clean out all the dust off and then use a multi-surface cleaner to lightly clean the wall, paying close attention to stains and at the same time making sure you don’t rub the surface too hard so as to damage the paint. For wallpaper make sure the paper is washable before using the same cleaning method as above on it.
  • Cleaning the switches, door handles, and knobs:You will notice a lot of fingerprint marks left behind on the switches or door handles along with dust settled on them. Simply wipe off the dust using a soft cloth and use a gentle multi-surface cleaner to polish the switches and handles, these are relatively easy to clean and shouldn’t take up much of your time and effort.
  • Cleaning Windows:Using a simple dusting cloth and broom first clear the windows of all the dry dust, cobwebs and any other dry dirt that you see. Then using a soft sponge and a gentle detergent clean the windows in the circular motion and use a window squeegee to remove all water from the surface. Angle the squeegee towards the bottom, cleaning from the top going all the way down.
  • Cleaning Skirting Boards:Using a narrow nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, suck out all the dust and debris settled between the wall and the skirting board. Once done, use a soft cloth and warm soapy water to clean the surface of the skirting board. Once dry you can use a simple wood polish to finish the look.

Having said this, there are some very important reasons why a professional cleaning like Builders Cleaning in Adelaide will be a good choice to go for after the construction work.

They are professionally trained to ensure that your new home or office is left looking sparkly clean and they do it without causing any damage to your property.

Allocating the cleaning to Builders Cleaning in Adelaide will free up your precious time which can be put to better use in your own work. They also know the right kind of safe materials to be used according the specific needs of your premise and use the best industry practices for a professional clean up.

When doing the builders clean ourselves, we may risk damaging surfaces of the new home or office proving it to be very costly, hence it is sensible to leave this part of the job to the professionals.

They will also ensure that the cleaning is completing on time and the premise is ready for use, safe and perfectly clean for your family or staff to move straight into.

Builders Cleaning in Adelaide will give you every worth of your penny spent. You will not have to spend on expensive cleaning materials which frankly will not be used for a long time once you finish the builders clean. Professional cleaners will make sure the cleaning is done within the stipulated time in a safe manner without causing any damage to the interiors of the premise. A small price to pay when you realise that it is your dream home or office you are putting the money into and want nothing but the best for it.

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