Prepare Tips for the Cleaning Service

Prepare Tips for the Cleaning Service

The end of lease is that dreaded time of the year when we have to face the annoying task of getting the house to the spotless condition it was given to us in, especially if we want our hard earned security deposit back from the landlord. No matter how tedious the job sounds someone has got to get their hands dirty in it, the choice is yours whether you would like to do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional service like Bond Cleaning in Adelaide to get it done. Let us look at some handy tips that will help you get the cleaning done in a more organised and systematic way in case you have decided that you want to get it done by yourself.Preparation for the Cleaning:

Just like any task, end of lease cleaning to requires proper planning and preparation. You need to make sure you have got all the essential cleaning materials with you to make the process a smooth and hassle free one. These days with the amount and variety of professional cleaning materials available at your local DIY store, you will be sufficiently equipped to start the cleaning process. Some of the essentials that you would require would be tile cleaner, gloves, sponges, cleaning cloths, stain removers, bathroom cleaner liquids, glass and window cleaning liquids, ladder to clean the ceilings, a vacuum cleaner, a mower for the grass in the garden, clippers, and scissors. Usually, many of these articles will already be available with you in your home and if not will be easily accessible at your local DIY store.

Cleaning bathrooms:

A tedious task no doubt, but equally important as a bathroom is a place where small nooks and crannies can be missed out, leaving room for losing your security deposit. You need to make sure you are thoroughly cleaning all the small corners of the bathroom, especially behind the pot, and the pipes below the sink. Make sure you clean all the grouting of the tiles, the bathtub partition and the shower heads of all the water stains that may be there. Clean the toilet properly with bleach and scrub all the tiles making sure no stains are left back. Also make sure that all your toiletries, your medicines, and personal care items are cleared from the bathroom.

Skirting Boards:

Whilst you make sure that the carpet or the wooden flooring in the house is spotless do not overlook cleaning of the skirting boards, that is where most of the nasty dust is hidden and can prove to be very costly to you. Use a special narrow nozzle of the vacuum cleaning and pull out all the dust from the gaps in the skirting board, also if you have a wooden polish, you can use that to them a quick wipe down too to make them look as good as new.

Appliance Cleaning:

Our day to day appliances like the Oven, Fridge, Dishwasher and Washing Machine are major culprits of dirt accumulation. Over time with daily usage, they become dull and dirty and require a deep cleaning done. We need to make sure we get under and behind these appliances where a lot of dirt settles. The racks of the ovens need to cleaned well. The shelves of the fridge, behind the door, and under the fridge too. When cleaning the oven make sure any charred pieces are removed from the oven and scrub it well with a scrubber. Whilst cleaning the dishwasher make sure all the soap residue is cleaned, and watermarks removed.

Door knobs and handles:

Can you imagine moving into a home where the handles of the doors are grubby, the switches of the house are yellowed and the doorknobs of cabinets loose? Not a pretty sight. So make sure all the handles and switches are wiped down well, and any loose doorknobs should be fixed and made sure none are broken.


Walls are in a way the identity of our house and we all like to make it our own, be it hanging pictures of our family or portraits. Whilst these look very beautiful on the wall, they may leave ugly marks behind them, nail marks, dusty picture marks and these are very undesirable, especially from the point of view of a new tenant. So make sure to fill any patches that nails might have left on the wall and scrub the walls well to make sure all the stains and dust marks are removed. A new coat of paint will work magic to make your walls look brand new.

To leave the house in the same original condition in which it was given to you is crucial and a very big responsibility. Not only does your security deposit depend on it, it also gives you a good reputation and makes it easier for you to get another apartment. Cleaning the house yourself can be very overwhelming for sure. A good solution to this would be hiring a professional cleaning service like End of Lease Cleaning in Adelaide. Not only will their team professionally and thoroughly clean your entire house to the best standards possible, they will do it a timely manner so that you can have the peace of mind of going about your daily work not having to worry of whether or not the cleaning will be done up to the mark to ensure your deposit back. Remember a happy landlord is an investment not a liability. It will surely reap you the best rewards.

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